Superhuman: Revolutionizing Email or Overpriced Hype?


I. Introduction

In the digital age, efficient email management is more than a convenience—it’s a necessity. Superhuman enters the crowded email client market with a bold assertion: it’s the fastest tool available, designed to transform the way we interact with our inboxes through a sleek interface and advanced AI-driven features. This claim is particularly poignant at a time when professionals are inundated with emails, impacting not just productivity but also digital well-being.

This review critically assesses Superhuman across various aspects, including usability, features, aesthetics, and cost. We’ll explore whether the interface is as user-friendly for tech novices as it is for the tech-savvy, how its features stack up against those of typical email clients, and whether its design enhances user engagement. Most importantly, we’ll determine if the benefits Superhuman offers justify its price. Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of Superhuman’s potential to live up to its promises and its value proposition in a competitive market.

II. What is Superhuman?

Superhuman is an email client designed to optimize how professionals handle their electronic correspondence. Founded by Rahul Vohra, who previously created the social inbox app Rapportive, Superhuman was launched to the public after extensive beta testing that garnered significant attention and anticipation. Its development was driven by the desire to create a faster and more intuitive email experience, addressing common pain points experienced by heavy email users.

History and Development of the App

The idea of Superhuman emerged from Vohra’s experiences and frustrations with existing email technologies. After selling Rapportive to LinkedIn, he set out to build an email client that was not only efficient but also delightful to use. Superhuman started as an invite-only service, which gave it an exclusive feel and allowed the team to keep an eye on user feedback in order to improve the product. This approach helped them carefully tailor the app to users’ needs, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Core Philosophy and Target Audience

Superhuman’s core philosophy centers around speed, efficiency, and eliminating unnecessary friction in email management. It aims to make users feel “superhuman” by significantly reducing the time spent managing emails. The target audience for Superhuman’s value-driven email productivity tool is professionals and business users who rely heavily on email communication and are willing to invest in boosting their productivity.

III. First Impressions

The initial encounter with any software can significantly influence user perception and adoption. Superhuman understands this, placing a strong emphasis on its onboarding process to ensure that new users not only grasp but also maximize the potential of its robust features from the outset.

Description of the Onboarding Process

Superhuman’s onboarding process is remarkably personalized, often highlighted by a one-on-one setup session with a member of the Superhuman team. This session is designed to tailor the app’s settings and features to the individual’s needs and workflows. Users are guided through the configuration of shortcuts, introducing critical features, and even fine-tuning display preferences, ensuring that Superhuman feels uniquely optimized from the first use.

Initial Setup and User Interface Aesthetics

Upon logging in for the first time, users are greeted with a clean, minimalist interface emphasizing clarity and speed. The design is sleek and modern, with a dark theme that reduces eye strain and a layout that avoids clutter, allowing users to focus on their emails without distraction. The aesthetic appeal is not merely cosmetic but a fundamental aspect of Superhuman’s philosophy that good design aids functionality.

First Interactions and Usability

The usability of Superhuman is immediately apparent. The interface is intuitive, with most functions being accessible via keyboard shortcuts, which users are encouraged to use during the onboarding session. This learning curve is steep by traditional email client standards, but it’s designed to save time in the long run. For example, actions like archiving, replying, and searching are executed with simple keystrokes, minimizing the use of the mouse and enhancing speed.

These first interactions are critical in setting the tone for user experience. Superhuman’s approach — from personalized onboarding to an interface designed for speed and ease — aims to make users feel powerful and in control of their digital communication. The initial impressions are likely to leave new users feeling as though they are engaging with a next-generation tool, one that truly understands and caters to the demands of heavy email users.

IV. Key Features and Benefits

Superhuman’s reputation as a powerful email client is built on innovative features designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. This section delves into the significant and unique features that set Superhuman apart from other email solutions.

Detailed Analysis of Major Features

Speed and Keyboard Shortcuts:
Superhuman is engineered for speed. Every aspect of the app, from loading emails to executing commands, is optimized to operate faster than typical email clients. Central to this speed is the extensive use of keyboard shortcuts. Users can perform almost any action without ever needing to touch the mouse. From composing emails to navigating between them, shortcuts like Ctrl + K for search and Cmd + Enter to send an email are intuitive and drastically reduce the time spent on email management.

AI Integration for Sorting and Responding to Emails:
Using advanced AI algorithms, Superhuman categorizes and prioritizes emails based on their importance and urgency. This AI-powered triage helps users focus on what’s most important, reducing the clutter of less relevant messages. Additionally, Superhuman can suggest short, appropriate email responses, making replying faster and easier, especially on mobile devices.

The Search Functionality and Its Efficiency:
Superhuman’s search functionality is powerful and precise, allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for almost instantaneously. Whether it’s an old attachment or a specific conversation thread, the search is designed to handle complex queries and deliver results in a fraction of the time it takes on other platforms.

Discussion on Unique Features

Read Receipts and Tracking:
Superhuman allows users to see when their emails are opened with real-time read receipts. This feature is invaluable for sales professionals, recruiters, and anyone who needs to track email engagement for timely follow-ups.

“Split Inbox” Feature for Managing Different Types of Emails:
One of Superhuman’s unique features is the “Split Inbox,” which allows users to create multiple inboxes for different purposes, such as work, personal, and newsletters. This segmentation helps manage email flow by type and priority, making it easier to focus on the most pertinent messages without distraction.

Integration with Other Productivity Tools:
Recognizing that email is just one part of a suite of tools used by professionals, Superhuman integrates smoothly with various other productivity tools. Whether syncing with calendars to schedule meetings or linking up with CRM software to keep track of customer interactions, these integrations help create a seamless workflow beyond just email management.

Superhuman’s combination of speed, AI integration, and user-centric features like read receipts and the Split Inbox make it a formidable tool in the arsenal of any severe email user. By streamlining the email experience and integrating it with other productivity tools, Superhuman enhances the efficiency of email management and transforms it into a more strategic component of professional workflows.

V. User Experience

The actual test of any application lies in the user experience it offers—how it feels in daily use and its impact user’s productivity and satisfaction. Superhuman, with its array of high-speed features and sleek design, aims not just to meet but exceed user expectations. Here, we explore personal anecdotes, the design appeal of the interface, and the experience across devices to provide a comprehensive view of the user experience.

Personal Anecdotes or Third-Party Experiences Using Superhuman

Many users report transformative experiences with Superhuman, noting significant reductions in the time spent managing their emails. One user described how the keyboard shortcuts and AI-powered sorting turned the chore of email management into a swift, almost enjoyable task. Another noted the psychological benefit of the clean, uncluttered interface, which helped reduce the overwhelm commonly associated with a bustling inbox. Additionally, the instant feedback from read receipts and the efficiency of the Split Inbox is frequently highlighted as game changers for managing client communications and multitasking across various projects.

Interface Design and Visual Appeal

Superhuman’s interface is a standout aspect, designed not only for functionality but also for visual appeal. Using minimalistic design elements, a soothing color palette, and an overall clean aesthetic contributes to an environment that users find calming and conducive to productivity. The attention to typographic details, spacing, and motion design enhances the overall user interaction, making everyday tasks more refined and engaging.

Mobile and Desktop Experience Comparison

The transition between mobile and desktop applications is a critical aspect of the user experience, especially for a tool that boosts productivity. Superhuman’s mobile app mirrors the efficiency and style of its desktop counterpart, though with adaptations suited to smaller screens and touch interactions. While the desktop version excels in harnessing the power of keyboard shortcuts for speed, the mobile app focuses on gestures and minimal taps to achieve a similar efficiency level. Users appreciate the seamless sync and performance continuity between devices, which is essential for professionals on the move.

Overall, Superhuman’s user experience is marked by a blend of advanced functionality and aesthetic sophistication. It meets the basic requirements of an email client and enhances the way users interact with their emails, making the process faster, more intuitive, and surprisingly pleasant. Whether through personal anecdotes or the visible design merits, it is clear that Superhuman has crafted a user experience that resonates well with its target audience, setting a high bar for what a modern email client should feel like.

VI. Performance Analysis

To critically evaluate Superhuman, it is essential to examine its performance through real-world testing, comparing it to other leading email clients and noting any potential issues or bugs that may affect user experience. This section provides a detailed performance analysis based on these criteria.

Real-world Testing Results (Speed Tests, Efficiency, etc.)

In various speed tests, Superhuman consistently demonstrates superior performance, particularly in the speed of launching the app, loading emails, and executing commands. Users report that the responsiveness of the interface and the quick processing of tasks significantly cut down the time spent on email-related activities. Efficiency tests also show that features like AI-powered sorting and keyboard shortcuts can reduce the average email handling time by up to 50% compared to traditional methods, underscoring Superhuman’s effectiveness in streamlining email management.

Comparison with Other Popular Email Clients (like Gmail, Outlook)

When compared to established email clients like Gmail and Outlook, Superhuman stands out in several areas:

  • Speed and Responsiveness: Superhuman loads emails faster and handles searches and commands more quickly than Gmail and Outlook, thanks to its lightweight design and server-side optimizations.
  • User Interface and Experience: While Gmail and Outlook offer comprehensive features, Superhuman’s user interface is more streamlined and focused on speed and efficiency, appealing particularly to power users.
  • Innovative Features: Features such as read receipts, undo send, and the Split Inbox provide functionalities that are either unavailable or not as well integrated in Gmail and Outlook.

Despite these advantages, Gmail and Outlook provide broader integration with other office productivity tools and more excellent customization options due to their maturity in the market, which may be preferable for some users.

Any Bugs or Issues Encountered During the Use

While Superhuman generally offers a polished experience, some users have reported occasional glitches:

  • Syncing Issues: A few users have experienced delays or inconsistencies with email syncing, mainly when dealing with large mail volumes.
  • Mobile App Limitations: The mobile version, though highly efficient, sometimes needs to catch up to the desktop version in terms of feature parity and the smoothness of specific integrations.
  • Price Justification: This is not a bug, but a recurring concern among users is whether the high subscription cost is justified, which can be a barrier for potential users accustomed to free email clients.

Overall, Superhuman’s performance in real-world testing highlights its strengths in speed and innovative features, setting it apart in a crowded market. However, like any software, it has its minor issues, which the company continues to address through regular updates and active customer support. Choosing Superhuman over other email clients often comes down to specific needs for speed, efficiency, and premium features, balanced against its higher cost.

VII. Pricing and Value for Money

Superhuman’s pricing strategy is one of the defining aspects of its market positioning. Positioned as a premium email client, it targets professionals for whom email management is a significant part of their daily routine. This section provides a detailed breakdown of its pricing structure, a comparison with other email clients, and an analysis of whether the premium price is justified.

Breakdown of Pricing Structure

Superhuman charges a subscription fee of $30 per month, significantly higher than most other email clients. This fee includes access to all features, such as AI-powered email triage, read receipts, undo send, and the unique Split Inbox functionality, along with premium customer support and regular updates. There is no tiered pricing; all features are included in the single subscription level, ensuring that all users can access the full suite of tools Superhuman offers.

Comparison with Free and Paid Alternatives

When compared to free alternatives like Gmail or Outlook, Superhuman’s cost is notably higher. Both Gmail and Outlook offer robust email solutions at no direct charge, supporting basic to advanced email functionalities suitable for most users. These platforms also integrate seamlessly with other productivity tools, providing a comprehensive suite of services that cover most business needs.

Among paid alternatives, such as Microsoft 365 or the professional tiers of services like Google Workspace, pricing can range from $6 to $20 per user per month, depending on the level of service and additional features like increased storage or advanced admin controls. These services include access to office suites and additional productivity tools, which Superhuman does not.

Discussion on Whether It Is Worth the Premium

The justification for Superhuman’s premium pricing largely depends on the specific needs and workflows of the user:

  • For power users: Those who spend significant portions of their day within their email client may find that the speed enhancements and productivity features significantly boost their efficiency, making the cost worthwhile.
  • For average users: Individuals who use software for their day-to-day tasks may find the cost harder to justify, especially when free or less expensive alternatives adequately meet their needs.

The value proposition of Superhuman lies in its ability to save time and increase productivity through superior design and functionality. For professionals in roles like sales, where quick, timely responses are crucial, or for those who manage a high volume of email interactions, Superhuman can offer a return on investment that outweighs its cost. However, the premium may present a different value for users with more moderate email needs.

In conclusion, while Superhuman’s pricing is on the higher end of the email client market, its specific benefits—particularly in terms of speed and efficiency—can justify the expense for users who will leverage its full capabilities. For others, a thorough evaluation of their usage and comparison with other available options would be prudent before committing to the subscription.

VIII. Security and Privacy

Superhuman prioritizes security and privacy in its email client, essential given its premium nature and the sensitivity of the data handled. The service ensures robust protection through several key measures. All user data, including emails, attachments, and metadata, are encrypted both in transit using TLS and at rest using strong encryption protocols. Hosting is managed on secure cloud servers compliant with international standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. Moreover, Superhuman is regularly audited by third-party security experts to identify and address potential vulnerabilities, maintaining high-security standards.

The company’s privacy policy clearly outlines its data handling practices. Superhuman collects necessary information, such as account details and usage data, to improve service performance and user experience while ensuring this information is not sold to third parties. Data retention is limited to what is necessary for service provision or compliance with legal requirements, with options for users to access, modify, or request the deletion of their data. Additionally, Superhuman provides extensive user controls for managing privacy preferences. This includes options to control read receipts and email tracking, manage data shared with third-party integrations, and customize data-sharing settings within the app and with external collaborators.

These measures collectively reinforce Superhuman’s commitment to protecting user data and providing a trustworthy and compliant service, allowing users to manage their email communications securely and privately.

IX. Pros and Cons

Evaluating Superhuman’s capabilities involves examining its strengths and weaknesses in detail. This comprehensive understanding helps users determine its suitability for their specific needs and how it measures against competitors. Here’s a summarized list of the pros and cons associated with Superhuman, its standout features, and any potential deal-breakers.

Summarized List of Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Speed and Efficiency: Superhuman excels in processing and managing emails quickly, thanks to its optimized design and powerful infrastructure.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: The extensive use of keyboard shortcuts drastically reduces the time required to manage emails, enhancing productivity.
  • AI-Powered Features: Features like AI-assisted email triage help prioritize essential emails, while suggested replies speed up response times.
  • User Interface: The clean, minimalist design makes the app aesthetically pleasing and reduces cognitive load, making email management less stressful.
  • Personalized Onboarding: The one-on-one onboarding session ensures that users are familiar with all the features and can customize the app to suit their workflow from the start.
  • Innovative Features: Unique tools like read receipts, undo send, and the Split Inbox differentiate it from traditional email clients.


  • High Cost: The premium price tag of $30 per month can be a significant barrier for individual users and small businesses, especially when compared to free alternatives.
  • Limited Integrations: While it offers some integrations with productivity tools, it may not be as comprehensive as competitors like Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace.
  • Mobile Experience: Although highly functional, the mobile app sometimes lacks the complete feature set of the desktop version, which might affect users who rely heavily on mobile.

How It Stands Out from Competitors

Superhuman’s main differentiator is its focus on speed and efficiency, backed by a functional and elegant design. The personalized onboarding experience and premium customer service offer individual attention that is rare in the email client space. These features make it particularly appealing to power users and professionals for whom email is critical to their workflow.

Any Deal-Breaking Shortcomings

For some users, the cost may be the biggest deal-breaker. At $30 per month, Superhuman is one of the most expensive email clients available. While its features are impressive, the price is hard to justify for users with moderate email needs or for those who find the functionality of free or cheaper alternatives sufficient. Additionally, the need for specific integrations might limit its functionality for users dependent on a tightly integrated suite of productivity tools.

In conclusion, Superhuman offers a compelling set of features designed for email power users who will benefit from its speed and productivity enhancements. However, its high cost and some feature limitations may only make it the best choice for some, making it crucial for potential users to evaluate their specific needs against what Superhuman offers.

X. Customer Support and Resources

An integral part of the user experience, especially for a premium service like Superhuman, is the quality of customer support and the availability of resources for troubleshooting and learning. This section delves into Superhuman’s approach to customer service and the resources it provides to ensure users can maximize the benefits of its email client.

Overview of Customer Service Responsiveness and Helpfulness

Superhuman strongly emphasizes customer support, aligning with its premium positioning in the market. The support team is known for being responsive and helpful, with users often citing quick response times and thorough, personalized assistance as critical benefits. Given the app’s complexity and rich feature set, the support team is equipped to handle a wide range of queries, from fundamental setup issues to more complex troubleshooting requests. The proactive nature of the support, where the team reaches out with updates and tips, also enhances user satisfaction and engagement.

Availability of Resources Like Tutorials, FAQs, and Community Forums

Tutorials: Superhuman provides an extensive range of video and written tutorials designed to help new users familiarize themselves with its features quickly. These tutorials cover everything from basic functionality to advanced tips and tricks, ensuring users can fully leverage the app’s capabilities.

FAQs: The FAQ section on Superhuman’s website is comprehensive, addressing common questions related to billing, usage, troubleshooting, and best practices. This section is regularly updated to reflect new features and changes, providing a reliable resource for self-service support.

Community Forums: While Superhuman does not have a traditional user forum, it maintains a strong presence on various social media platforms where users can share tips and experiences. Moreover, Superhuman has been known to host webinars and live Q&A sessions, creating a community feel and offering users a platform to interact directly with the team and other users.

Dedicated Customer Success Managers: For enterprise clients, Superhuman often assigns dedicated customer success managers who help large teams onboard and integrate the service into their daily workflows efficiently. This personalized touch ensures that larger organizations can transition smoothly and get immediate value from the app.

Overall, Superhuman’s customer support and resources are aligned with its premium service promise, providing users with extensive support and learning materials that enhance their overall experience and ensure they can use the email client to its full potential. This commitment to superior service helps justify the higher cost associated with the app and solidifies its position as a top choice for serious email users.

XI. Conclusion

As an email client, Superhuman promises to transform the efficiency and speed with which users can manage their daily influx of emails. This review has delved into its various features, performance aspects, and overall usability to provide a detailed perspective on its service. Below, we recap the most compelling features, discuss the most significant concerns, and offer a personal recommendation on the app’s ideal user base, concluding with a verdict on whether Superhuman truly lives up to its ambitious name.

Recap of the Most Compelling Features and Biggest Concerns

Compelling Features:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Superhuman excels at processing and managing emails with unparalleled speed, a critical feature for those inundated with high volumes of email.
  • Intuitive Keyboard Shortcuts: The extensive keyboard shortcuts are a boon for efficiency, allowing adept users to navigate their inbox with minimal mouse use.
  • AI-Powered Email Management: Features like AI-driven sorting and predictive replies streamline email interaction, significantly reducing response time.
  • Elegant User Interface: The sleek and minimalist interface is visually appealing, enhances user focus, and reduces cognitive overload.

Biggest Concerns:

  • High Subscription Cost: At $30 per month, Superhuman is one of the more expensive options on the market, which may deter individuals or organizations with tighter budgets.
  • Limited Integrations: Unlike competitors like Gmail or Outlook, Superhuman offers fewer integrations with external productivity tools, potentially limiting its utility for some users.
  • Mobile Limitations: While the desktop experience is robust, the mobile version sometimes needs more feature parity, which could be a significant drawback for users who rely heavily on mobile computing.

Personal Recommendation: Who is the App Best Suited For?

Superhuman is ideally suited for power users—professionals like executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else for whom email is vital to their workflow. These users will most appreciate Superhuman’s time savings and productivity enhancements. It is especially beneficial for those willing to invest in a tool that promises not just to manage but to revolutionize their email experience.

Final Verdict on Whether Superhuman Lives Up to Its Name

Superhuman truly lives up to its name for those who can harness its unique offerings—namely its speed, efficiency, and the streamlined workflow it brings to email management. For professionals, investing in Superhuman can substantially boost productivity and cut down the time spent handling emails. It’s a game changer in how we manage our digital communications, giving users that “superhuman” capability to stay on top of their inboxes effortlessly.

However, it’s important to note that Superhuman might not be for everyone. Casual email users or those who don’t rely heavily on email for their day-to-day operations may find the cost a bit steep, especially when some features may not be necessary for their use.

In summary, Superhuman is an outstanding tool for those within its target audience, providing powerful enhancements that justify both its premium reputation and cost. For the right user, it’s more than just an email client; it’s a crucial part of an effective digital toolkit.

Dave Macdonald – Founder, Synapse Squad

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